Dawn Nelson

We’ve all felt it, that dread feeling when you just know you’ve had it with writing and you’re going to give up. You feel like an imposter in a world of marvellous writers, a fraud, a charlatan.

There’s a nasty little voice in your head urging you to give up because your writing is awful and you’ve never had an authentic idea for a story ever.

Well, first of all, I say take out your imaginary shotgun and blast the little sucker that is the voice in your head. You don’t need that kind of negativity.

Secondly, have a look at my curated list of some of the best quotes to read when you feel like giving up. I’ve even put them on pretty images just for you. Enjoy.

Image courtesy of Canva.



An image reportedly of the Vassilyev family.

Valentina Vassilyev was an extraordinary woman with an extraordinary claim to fame.

She has gone down in the history books for giving birth to a whopping 69 children.

This late 18th century lady, who lived with her husband Feodor in Shuya, Russia, had 27 pregnancies and gave birth to:

· 16 pairs of twins

· Seven sets of triplets

· Four sets of quadruplets

Numerous reports exist claiming this fact to be true including that by the Monastery of Nikolsk, which had recorded every birth.

Her husband went on to marry a second lady who, herself, had six sets of twins and two sets of triplets with him.

In all, Feodor was father to 87 of whom 84 were still alive when their father reached the grand old age of 75.

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